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Sigma Rox 8.1

Sigma Rox 8.1
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Sigma Sport's Rox 8.1 is one tiny computer that packs a mighty punch! It's stuffed full of all the features you need to take your workouts to the next level, including cadence, speed, current heart rate and target HR zones, as well as temperature, altitude and ascent/descent. If that wasn't enough, the Rox 8.1 also measures current, average and maximum power using an advanced equation that incorporates bike type, rider weight, shoulder width and more. With Sigma's smart 3-channel wireless transmission system, you can view multiple measurements such as speed, cadence and pulse, at the same time without interference. And, forget about having to re-calibrate this versatile computer before every ride—Sigma's Intelligent Altitude Calibration feature does it for you!

5 available languages
Two adjustable wheel sizes
Automatic recognition of second bike
Automatic start /stop
LCD backlight
Battery status display receiver / transmitter
Ability to switch alarm on /off
Adjustable alarm volume
Bracket for handlebars and stem
Memory backup function when changing
Current speed
Average speed
Maximum speed
Trip distance
Comparison current speed /average speed
Programmable trip section counter up & back
Current cadence
Average cadence
Maximum cadence
Current power
Average power
Maximum power
Current expansion
Average expansion
Average expansion uphill
Current heart rate
Average heart rate
Maximum heart rate
3 HR zones
Acoustic zone alarm
Heart rate in % of max HR
Graphic display of HR zones
Time in the HR zone(s) in minutes
Ride time
Time (12/24 h)
Countdown timer
Alarm clock
Current temperature
Minimum temperature
Maximum temperature
Altitude Measurement Functions
Current altitude
Day's climb uphill/downhill
Day’s maximum altitude
Calibration via current altitude
Calibration via home altitude
Calibration via air pressure reduced to sea level
Trip distance uphill/downhill
Trip time uphill/downhill
Average speed uphill/downhill
Rate of ascent (m/min) uphill/downhill
Maximum rate of ascent uphill/downhill
Average incline uphill/downhill
Maximum incline uphill/downhill
Favorites Functions
Favorites A (choice of 10 functions)
Favorites B (choice of 10 functions)
Total Values
Total distance bike 1 /2 /1+2
Total ride time bike 1 /2 /1+2
Total altitude uphill bike 1 /2 /1+2
Maximum altitude bike 1 /2
Total distance uphill bike 1 /2 /1+2
Total ride time uphill bike 1 /2 /1+2
Total altitude downhill bike 1 /2 /1+2
Total distance downhill bike 1 /2 /1+2
Total ride time downhill bike 1 /2 /1+2
Total calories bike 1/2/1+2

Sigma's 3-channel wireless transmission system sends Speed, Cadence and Heart Rate measurements in digitally encoded data packages to integrated receiver in the computer head, providing more accurate ride data without interference between channels.

Part Numbers

750220081715 08171 CY7326