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Greg Sushinsky

Fall 2013 Updates

Hi Ted & Rachel,

Just some quick personal cycling news. I took a second in the Master’s Men 60-69 division at Deerfield in the final TT of the season last Sunday. I did another personal best (my third consecutive), 38: 20 for 20.4 kms or 12.65 miles of rolling hills., avg. speed 19.85 mph, top speed 26.9 mph.

The big surprise was that I won the season series, the overall championship, so I’m the 2013 Eastern Ohio Time Trial Series Champion of the Master’s Men age 60-69 class. I didn’t win any of the five races, but my two third-place finishes and a second scored more points than all the other eight competitors, including a former national champion who was fourth in the country this year, and a former pro who finished second in the nation this year.

Needless to say, it was all very satisfying. I’m having an incredible time racing and had an unbelievable year.  I certainly feel you guys have been a big part of my success, and I hope to stop by in the shop soon to express my thanks personally.

Oh yeah, the bike performed beautifully and looked great, too.

Take care & Thanks again—


My Cycling Story

Ted and Rachel have been instrumental in helping me ride. Several years ago, when I wanted to get into serious riding, they sold me a great used Specialized road bike. I rode it for several years and even began racing in the master’s division in 2012, where I took a hard-earned second place in a time trial. Ted and Rachel then helped me upgrade to a new Specialized Allez, which is an even faster, sleeker, better bike. Ted and Rachel not only steer you right for all your cycling needs, but they are great people who have become good friends.


warming up (still)
New Racing Jersey
On the Podium
Ohio Senior Olympics 10K TT
…headed for the finish line
Start of the 20K Road Race
2nd place medal & proudly wearing my Bicycle Bill’s t-shirt
Out on the 20K road race
3rd in the 60-69 age group
The podium for the master’s male 60-69 class
Season Champion’s ceremony, master’s male 60-69 class